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How I Embarked on the Virtual Assistant Adventure

As you might have read on the website, my journey began in a bustling café, events, and glamping business in the picturesque Argyll & Bute. However, a twist of fate led me to reconsider my path.

Me - Nicola on my friends beautiful black fell Bobby

Upon moving here in 2021, I rediscovered my love for horse riding, thanks to a generous friend who let me take her horses out. One particular equine, the stunning Bobby, a 5-year-old black fell, entered my life and sparked an immediate connection.


Bobby, with his somewhat lazy past and the temperament of a stroppy teenager, became my unconventional riding companion. As my friend gave me riding lessons, I, in turn, imparted lessons to Bobby, much to his chagrin. Grooming sessions were his delight, but the prospect of actual work, especially tacking up, brought out the "Kevin" in him.


Our riding adventures with Bobby were not without challenges. He had a penchant for stopping abruptly and, on occasion, a theatrical rear when pressed to go further. I became adept at holding on and gracefully dismounting when needed – a skill acquired through trial and error.

A forest path with rays of sunlight peeking through the trees

One fateful day, we decided on an extended hack, complete with a convoy and provisions for the journey. Surprisingly, Bobby behaved impeccably throughout the scenic ride. However, an unexpected encounter with red plastic netting led to my airborne acrobatics, headfirst over Bobby. The ensuing medical saga involved helicopters, ketamine, and the surreal experience of being airlifted to the hospital.

Spinal x-ray

Diagnosed with three fractured lumbar vertebrae and a completely detached muscle on my right side, the road to recovery was challenging. Twelve weeks off work, frequent physiotherapy sessions, and the pain of navigating bendy roads on the way home highlighted the severity of the situation.


It was during this period of physical recuperation that I reassessed my career path. A casual conversation with a friend who worked from home sparked the idea of becoming a virtual assistant. With three decades of administration experience, it seemed like the perfect transition.


Many assume hospitality jobs are a walk in the park, picturing servers carrying trays of tea and coffee. Little do they know about the kegs of beer, enormous trays of pots, and the behind-the-scenes chaos. Thus, the decision to venture into the world of virtual assistance was born.

Cartoon image of an Eastern lady praying

And here I am, still riding Bobby, maintaining a positive outlook, and embracing the virtual assistant role with gratitude. Life takes unexpected turns, but sometimes they lead to new and fulfilling paths.

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