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Importance of Work Life Balance: Balancing Work and Personal Life While Working Remotely

Stressed curly haired woman holding fingers between her eyes

Finding a work-life balance sometimes feels like an impossible task. Last week was akin to a very bad game of Jenga, with all of my work and personal life blocks crashing down around me! So it seems fitting that I am writing this blog.

Fallen Jenga blocks on top of a wooden table

I live at home with my teenage son, husband, and our dog, Hunter. My husband, an engineer, occasionally has to work out of the country. His trip, initially planned for 10 days, was extended twice, and three weeks later, he finally appeared back home, much to my relief!

Business man in hotel room packing his suitcase


Now, I have no qualms about him working away; he's done it more or less as long as I've known him. However, during the last week of his stay abroad, my beloved dog fell very ill (I won’t delve into the messy details). I ended up sleeping downstairs with him for three nights, which, if you've seen his size in the photo, you'll realize was quite challenging.

Me Nicola curled up in an armchair with Hunter, my German Short Haired Pointer whilst he was very poorly


To add to the chaos, my car broke down on multiple occasions. In the end, I had to leave it in the village until my neighbour finished work and could come to help me. He's the man! He fixed it, and now it's working like a dream.


Meanwhile, my son was struggling with his math homework. While I'm good with numbers, the concepts they're learning now are way beyond my capabilities, so I had to reach out to his teacher for assistance.

Blackboard with mathematical equations covering it and a girl with long dark hair in a white dress holding a book in front of her face


As if that wasn't enough, my internet was crawling at a snail's pace, making working from home, as I usually do, monumentally difficult.


My husband wasn’t supposed to be back until Friday; however, I found myself driving 2 ½ hours in driving rain to collect him, as I had reached the end of my rope, which was smouldering in a heap.

Rope tied in knots


However, despite all the week's challenges, I still managed to complete all of my work tasks, spend quality time with my son, and even sneak in a bit of "me time," although, to be fair, I was utterly exhausted!


Reflecting on this chaotic week, I realised the importance of maintaining boundaries between work and personal life. It's crucial to carve out designated work hours and stick to them, allowing for dedicated family time and moments of relaxation. Creating a productive workspace at home can significantly aid in this endeavour. Whether it's setting up a separate office area or simply decluttering your workspace, a conducive environment can enhance focus and productivity.

Home office, red walls, bronze wire chair and wire bulldog board and light fitting, logs stacked for a fire,


Effective time management techniques also played a vital role in navigating through the challenges. Prioritising tasks, setting realistic deadlines, and utilising tools such as to-do lists or time-blocking can help ensure that both work and personal responsibilities are adequately addressed.


Above all, amidst the chaos, self-care emerged as a non-negotiable priority. Taking breaks, engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation, and nurturing physical and mental well-being are essential components of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. After all, it's only when we care for ourselves that we can effectively care for others and fulfil our professional obligations.

Hot bubble bath with sliced lemons and on a bamboo rack, a dish of salt, bath oils, candle and body brush


In conclusion, while last week may have been a whirlwind of challenges, it served as a poignant reminder of the importance of balance, boundaries, and self-care in navigating the complexities of work and personal life, particularly in a remote setting.

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